The Artist

Harald Glööckler has a lot of passions.
He is a passionate painter creating unique artworks.
A lot of paintings und sculptors show his creativity and fascinate the young and old. The expert art scene is also very amazed and delighted by his art. The art historian Julia Pfeffer of the University of Vienna praises the works of this creative genius: “GLÖÖCKLER’s art is screaming, it wants to be seen, it is passionate and extravagant.“

Professor Doctor Helge Bathelt from the “Association for Fine Arts and Culture“ in Germany even said: “Obviously, Harald Glööckler is on the same level as Warhol, Liechtenstein and Jeff Koons.“ His art is more than an optical eye-catcher. He repeatedly uses his artistic creations for a good cause.

Painted Art

He stylized himself into an artificial figure.
The newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung“ once wrote: “Meeting Harald Glööckler is like being taken by the hand by Alice in Wonderland. The world is getting larger, more beautiful and more colored. Harald Glööcker is doing, what the Romantics demanded twohundred years ago. Germany needs a person like Harald Glööckler.“
His greatest concern are his charity activities for animals and children in need. He has been supporting them tirelessly for many decades

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